January 6, 2021
a desperate villanelle

Photo by Harrison Haines from Pexels

may cooler heads prevail;
pipe bombs and rifles
threatening deadly hail

tearing flesh, bloodless, pale
screaming, dying no trifle:
may cooler heads prevail

precariously setting sail
into the maelstrom, hateful
threatening deadly hail

of words; kindnesses forgotten, fail
to bridge untrusting glares baleful:
may cooler heads prevail

at the brink, pushing back to no avail
bodies, faces who heed no counsel
threatening deadly hail

in failing strength and grace, now so frail
a whisper, barely heard against the baneful
threatening deadly hail,
“may cooler heads prevail”

La Liberté

La liberté guidant le peuple, 1830
Eugène Delacroix, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

La Classe.
La Dignité.
L’ Intégrité.

Nous tous.

(mais se battre, quand il faut)


Photo by MJ Son Unsplash
Used under Unsplash License

i found the mail sent yesterday to me
to say my precious work of heart and soul
was coarse, uncouth, and worse, was crude debris,
a sad excuse for cultured self-control.

they called it tasteless, vapid, worthless tripe
more suited to the lining of a pig
than something worthy of a linotype,
and snickered that i had too much to swig

before i dared to set my thoughts to words,
to capture all the fire of my heart,
and all my mortal essence from these sherds
of human soul who dared the price of art.

so judge my words and crush them with debate,
yes, you who can destroy but not create

Image by Juhee Bae from Pixabay
Used under Pixabay License

shattered, my pieces once said
you prismed me
and now
i am

(this is a Chalkboard Espresso response to Harper Thorpeʻs When Time Wonʻt Healon Chalkboard)

Photo by Ilya Ilfordon Unsplash
Used under Unsplash License

where you say
the light
a million rainbows
where you say
what had passed
has made
what i am
still, i see glass,
once, forever,

(this is a one-line response to Harper Thorpeʻs When Time Wonʻt Healon Chalkboard)

a moment

Image by schneich from pixabay
Used under Pixabay License

time of year,
reflecting off the mountain wall
streaming in through the high window
wood-grain balmed
living goldens and reds
breathing tinge of last green-leaf
too soon
gone again
a moment
you were there:
i saw

emotioncy room rotation

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash
Used under Unsplash License

i hemorrhaging
i canʻt see my heart
itʻs spillingspilling
this poor
give her some space
give her some space
give her some air
back off and
too late
too late
sheʻs shockyshock
got the
glazedeye stare
no pupillary panicary dilation
vitals signs
of basic feelings
too erratic
send her outside
she gonna
too far gone
to even cry

(a poem)

Photo by photostockeditor on Unsplash
Used under Unsplash License

fond words:
“art can
but never
fine words
fall from flight
alight upon the pyre
offerings to the muse
smokey stench
drifting ashes and we all fall down
sing the sacred song
to fly
fly once more
on words
to dare
the immortal

minority model

Sign posted notifying people of Japanese descent to report for incarceration
Authorized under Executive Order 9066
This work is in the public domain

an asian american woman

a rejection.
trying to find her body (dissociated)
trying to find her thoughts (deformed)
trying to find her voice (choked)
trying to find her place (lost)
trying to find her role (barren)
trying to find her family (rejected)
trying to find her fears (reckless)
trying to find her past (erased)
trying to find…

dutiful daughter
xiàoshùn de nǚ’ér

“dilaps” photo by the alleged kat ©2020

the first time
i cried
for you:
rotting lumber
rusting metal
uncounted flower pots, cracked
five-gallon buckets filled with the unknown
in every state of
in tangles of stiff, cracking garden hose
and yielding unyielding baling wire
and more:
the old lawnmowers, forever silent
aquarium, holed, good for lizards
three drunken toolsheds, old companions
leaning on one…

the alleged kat

words, untamed, devour me

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